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What is family violence
> What is Family Violence?
What is Family Violence?

There are many definitions of family violence. They all acknowledge that family violence relates to the abuse and mistreatment of individuals in an intimate or family relationship. The abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, or financial in nature. Family violence happens everywhere and to people from all backgrounds. Women, children and the elderly are the most vulnerable and at risk. All forms of family violence are wrong and many are criminal in nature.
For example, all of these people are victims of family violence:
Arrow a woman whose spouse pushes her around or hits her.
Arrow an individual in an intimate relationship whose partner forces or coerces unwanted sexual contact.
Arrow a child who suffers physical, sexual or emotional harm by another family member.
Arrow a person whose spouse insists on controlling everything including activities, friends, and money.
Arrow an elderly person who lives with physical, mental or financial mistreatment or neglect.
a child who witnesses one parent assaulting, abusing or belittling the other parent.
Arrow anyone who lives with family members who constantly humiliate and put them down.

Arrow a person whose partner threatens her/him, the children, property or pets with harm.


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