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Role of the Communities

The goal of every caring partnership is to increase public awareness of family violence issues and solutions. Partnership refers to the alliances which will be forged among community groups, government officials, service providers and entire communities.

It is important that somebody take responsibility for mobilizing a core group of individuals from the community who will spearhead the caring partnerships campaign and develop an action plan. These people will be responsible for the planning and organization of the campaign.
Local situations will determine which members of the community to involve initially and how you define the community. However, public awareness of family violence is not just the responsibility of professionals or crisis workers...everybody can be part of the solution. Ideally, the planning committee should reflect the local community.
Working together, people in local communities can come to consensus on how best to develop grassroots solutions to this complex and costly problem and generate the necessary widespread in-kind, financial and moral support of the residents, businesses and professionals of the community. This may include undertaking fund-raising activities and/or obtaining corporate and business partnerships and endorsements.
This is the only way to make a massive public awareness project a success.
The people who come together to plan a campaign must agree:
Bullet to form the core of the group which plans, organizes and develops a caring partnerships project (public awareness campaign).
Bullet to prepare an action plan for a family violence awareness campaign. (This may vary, depending on the level of community partnership and interest, from a six month project to a long term initiative over a number of years.)
Bullet to consult with the community at large and show sensitivity to their needs by seeking community input.
Bullet to promote and foster community partnerships with local businesses and others who may not actively participate on the committee, but who may display support in countless other ways.
Bullet to oversee the implementation of the action plan and keep activities on track. To identify persons to help in the implementation stages of various initiatives.
Bullet to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign and share experiences with other communities.
By reporting on progress to the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation which acts as administrator for the Provincial Caring Partnerships Committee you can ensure that the best practices being developed in your community will be shared with others. to raise funds and in-kind support in the community.
Once a community has developed an action plan based on the above guidelines for a caring partnership, the plan may be submitted to the Steering Committee with a request for seed monies if required, to help implement the plan.
Communities which are interested in creating public awareness of family violence through a community partnership campaign should contact the Provincial Caring Partnerships Committee on Public Awareness of Family Violence Through Community Partnerships and arrange to have a committee member and/or the project coordinator talk to them about getting started.
For More Information Contact:
Provincial Caring Partnerships Committee
C/o Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation
P.O. Box 50 000,
Fredericton, N.B.,
E3B 6C2
Tel: 506-472-5085
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